As an Australian-born, US-educated designer and composer, I have lived my whole life on stolen land.

As a white musician and composer, my life has been enriched immeasurably by the lives and work of Black musicians, many of whom went without deserved acknowledgement for the work. Additionally, the colour of my skin has protected me from the suffering these creators experienced at the hands of people with skin like mine. 

As a straight, cisgendered, white man, I have been given encouragement and access when my skills were probably mediocre. If I am a good musician/composer/designer now, it is because of opportunities I may not have been afforded had I not occupied this place of privilege. I am currently working to better educate myself on the implications of this, and on the space I take up in the industries I work in.

If you are interested in my work as a theatrical designer, below is a link to a list of BIPOC designers, with links to artists in other disciplines, and a link to a directory of BIPOC audio and music professionals. Please check out their work first.

BIPOC Designers.

POC in Audio.

Black Lives Matter.

Aboriginal Lives Matter.

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