The New Colossus


Kulimushi Barongozi paints portraits, climbs trees, and cooks beans while discussing his views on his past, his future, and his art.

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“the new colossus: an exploration of why we're here"

The experience of moving, of leaving one place and arriving in another, of creating 'home away from home', however permanent, is a wholly varied and nuanced experience for each individual.
There is no single, monolithic story.

From the creators of Alien of Extraordinary Ability comes "The New Colossus," a mini-documentary series exploring the question 'why are we here?'
It is a poetic investigation of identity, seeking to centralize the bodies, minds, and spirits of each participant, in all stages of the filmmaking process.

Directed by: Sola Fadiran
Cinematography: Brandon Pro
Editing: Erin Sullivan
Original Music and Sound Design: Liam Bellman-Sharpe
Production Sound Mixing: Daniela Hart
Created by: Sola Fadiran, Edwin Joseph, and Rishan Dhamija

Poetry by: Kulimushi Barongozi

A Midnight Oil Collective Production

In collaboration with UptownWorks

The Wire-Puller


Mina Loy - Songs to Joannes VI.

I know the Wire-Puller intimately
And if it were not for the people
On whom you keep one eye
You could look straight at me
And Time would be set back

Music and video by: Liam Bellman-Sharpe

CCAM Orientation 


Orientation video created to show off the range of work being done at Yale’s Centre for Collaborative Arts and Media, and the playful curiousity that defines the centre.

Video by: Julia Schäfer
Music and sound by: Liam Bellman-Sharpe